Why the Exchange?

People Sharing Your Passion

  • Dedicated to golfers. Period. No weeding through millions of other used items on eBay. Just your golf clubs and gear.  And your neighbors. And his/her neighbors…hopefully
  • Many items are sold on forums today. Now, we’ve got a single spot for golfers to go
  • This is YOUR site. Without passionate people selling their golf clubs and gear, this website is nothing. So create an account and help us spread the word


  • It’s safe. We use PayPal exclusively for your sales transactions, ensuring protection of your personal information (PayPal account is not required to purchase; is only required to sell)
  • We monitor and review sellers and seller items
  • It’s cheaper than eBay
  • PayPal protections exist for buyers and sellers
  • It’s easy! Log in with your Facebook account or create a new account


  • Listings are free! There is a small 5% sales fee, with a $2 minimum (rounded up to the nearest dollar so we don't have weird prices!)
  • Seller must have Verified PayPal account for the safety of our buyers
  • It’s easy! Create an account and begin uploading products…maybe buy a few items too!

It's FUN!

  • What's better than selling your old TaylorMade driver so you can afford a new one? Yes actually golf is, but you get the idea
  • Comb through listings looking for hard to find items

Passionate Support

  • We are a small team of passionate golfers and are committed to providing the best experience for the industry that we can.

Help us build Golfing Exchange into THE DESTINATION for finding and selling golf clubs and gear.