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Golfing Exchange is THE marketplace where passionate golfers safely buy and sell new and used clubs and gear online. Selling is easy and totally free. Buyers pay a small sales fee that is built into the list price.

Mississippi Business Journal: Stuart Whitaker In the Swing of Things
September 19, 2017
"That desire to have “fun” led him to develop a site called, dedicated to bringing buyers and sellers of golf equipment together."

Vyteo - Golfing Exchange: The Only Golf Club Marketplace You Need
July 26, 2017
"A new driver, And putter too, That will fix it, Will get gear anew. What you need, Is Golfing Exchange, It’s the golf club marketplace, To improve your game."

PR Newswire - Launched as a Marketplace for Golfers to Buy and Sell New and Used Clubs and Gear
July 26, 2017
"Online Exchanges, a startup company dedicated to bringing online marketplaces to passion pursuit industries, today announces the launch of"

The Startup Pitch - Golfing Exchange
July 12, 2017
"Golfing Exchange is a marketplace for golf enthusiasts. There are many ways to buy and sell new and used clubs. Yet there is no marketplace dedicated to golfers that provides the buying or selling experience found at Golfing Exchange."