What Our Users Have to Say

Curious about what the experience is like using Golfing Exchange? Here is some feedback from a few of our users.

"I have to say, the 3 clubs I have sold on your site, they have been on Ebay a few times and no takers.  So I am impressed with Golfing-Exchange and will keep on using it. Thanks for the great site."
- Rob

"Love the site. Been waiting for a good resale site like yours"
- Corey

"I really love this site and promote it all the time"
- Tim, C&S Golf Shop

"I love your website. So much easier than eBay. I sold my firs pair of shoes this afternoon, so I decided to sell a few more women's golf shoes. Thanks again!"
- Johnny

"Love what you guys are trying to do and wish you the best! Definitely promoting you to my club – guys are always looking to get rid of stuff but not get killed when trading it in!"
- Steven