About Us

Golfing Exchange was founded in 2016 by Stuart Whitaker, an avid outdoorsmen who happens to own a small software consulting company in Jackson, MS.

The idea came from Stuart’s frustration in searching for a dedicated website for buying and selling some hard to find used items in areas he’s passionate about. Sure there was eBay and Craigslist and countless forums, but none of those had the experience that he was looking for. eBay had millions of products that had nothing to do with golf and the fees were too high. Craigslist was great but just didn’t offer the kind of experience he was seeking. Many hard to find items (good but used wedges, classic putters, etc) were available in forums, but there are SO many out there that it became hard to navigate. Thus, Golfing Exchange was born.

Finally, a place just for golfers, just to sell golf clubs and gear. It's easy to navigate and free to list (there is a small sales fee for completed transactions.)

Help us turn Golfing Exchange into your premier destination for buying and selling golf clubs and gear.